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WEEEK is a simple and convenient way to manage
your projects and personal time

Our programming taskbook helps you to take full advantage of your time
Site appearance
While working on our project the teamwork has decided to pay particular attention to the site appearance which is intended to be user-friendly by offering two standard color schemes: white and black. This might be great help for people who are used to working in certain colour areas, for example, designers and programmers.
Task categories
At the stage of creating a task, you will be offered to choose among three standard types of tasks: a phone call, a meeting and an action. Depending on a task type, Weeek will display it in particular way and notify you thereof by means of push notification service.
We provide the hotkeys combination for people who are used to working quickly. This option will allow to choose a task or project type easily and also, appoint people responsible for the implementation of certain tasks as well.

Maxim, at 11 am you have a task: "Call Tatiana apropos of the contract"

Push reminders in your browser
In WEEEK we have gathered as many ways as possible for timely remaining of any action on your tasks. Have chosen a convenient reminder method, you will always remember all important events.
Voice tasking
In the near future, we are launching an innovative way to determine a task. The user gets such an opportunity by using personal assistants : Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple. The version will be available for your mobile application earlier.
I have kept a diary and written tasks on paper all my life. But now, I have decide to use to an electronic alternative, as my friends suggested that I should use WEEEK. I have been using this service for two months already. This service is not only user-friendly and simple operation, but also has a nice design. Nothing unnecessary.
I am a self-employed and I always need to not only understand my tasks, but also follow the timetable. WEEEK is ideal for me. I like this customer support, they quickly answer for questions and constantly add new features. Thanks!
Before WEEEK, I have used many task managers. Unfortunately, everywhere you need to buy a subscription or additional options. There is no such problem here. The free version is more than enough for personal use, the service is user-friendly and understandable. I was satisfied.
Pluses: user-friendly interface, the ability to make check-lists, an understandable functionality, an interesting design, reasonable prices. Minuses: there are bugs or errors, as the project was launched quite recently, but customer support quickly reacts and fixes everything.
Nadezhda Maksimova
Marketing Specialist of LLC "Severstroy"
Eugenia Khairulina
Flower arranger, Self employed
Julia Kostrikina
Marketing Specialist of "KIA"
Alexander Poberezhnyi
Self employed
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If you have any ideas how to improve service quality - be sure to share it with us and we will be happy to listen to your advice!
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Combination list
Shift + 1
Сhoose a task type
Shift + 2
Сhoose a person responsible for a task
Shift + 3
Сhoose a project for a task
Shift + 4
Сhoose a list for a task
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